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Gosiger News

The Indispensible CNC Grinder

June 6, 2011

Having a CNC grinder is a great investment for any tool and die or injection molding shop. Anytime where precise grinding is required, grinders are essential and time saving machines. Grinders perform a number of vital functions, and automating them with CNC just makes sense.

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Amada Wasino Grinders from Gosiger

May 31, 2011

Gosiger offers access to some of the most innovative CNC surface grinders in the industry. Grinders are largely considered the workhorse for any manufacturer's workshop, and Gosiger provides some of the strongest, longest lasting workhorses around. Amada Wasino's high-speed, high-accuracy grinders are true CNC surface grinders. These CNC grinders deliver enhanced precision and productivity by making surface grinding faster and more efficient.

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Dressing Your CNC Grinders for Success

May 23, 2011

An essential part of a practical CNC grinding operation is an automatic wheel dressing system. Harder materials such as hardened tool steel and carbide require diamond wheels. Most solutions for dealing with diamond-wheel corner breakdown are expensive or even clumsy; limiting the use of CNC surface grinding on carbide work pieces. Amada Wasino’s MRD-80 diamond wheel dresser solves many of these CNC grinder challenges.

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CNC Grinder Supplier that Makes the Cut

May 17, 2011

Today's CNC grinders are used by a variety of industries where precision cuts are needed in, typically hard, materials. You adhere to an exacting level of quality and you need a CNC grinder that achieves it. Gosiger supplies some of the best brands available to meet your product quotas on time. Our product line of CNC grinders includes:

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An Okuma CNC Grinder is Waiting for You

December 24, 2010

Okuma CNC grinders offer outstanding performance and deliver great precision. Gosiger carries all three lines of Okuma CNC grinders: GI Series, GA/GP-T Series, and GA/GP-FII Series.

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