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Dressing Your CNC Grinders for Success

An essential part of a practical CNC grinding operation is an automatic wheel dressing system. Harder materials such as hardened tool steel and carbide require diamond wheels. Most solutions for dealing with diamond-wheel corner breakdown are expensive or even clumsy; limiting the use of CNC surface grinding on carbide work pieces. Amada Wasino’s MRD-80 diamond wheel dresser solves many of these CNC grinder challenges.

Amada Wasino MeisterPro CNC grinders that use the MRD-80 can precisely maintain uniform wear and tight tolerances. Compact and self-contained, this unit mounts easily to the MeisterPro’s magnetic chuck. It dresses the diamond wheel with a 1” cylindrical silicon carbide dressing wheel mounted on a spindle and precision bearings. It spins perpendicular to the machine’s wheel spindle and strokes its entire length by means of the MeisterPro’s high speed traversing table.

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