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The Indispensible CNC Grinder

June 6, 2011

Having a CNC grinder is a great investment for any tool and die or injection molding shop. Anytime where precise grinding is required, grinders are essential and time saving machines. Grinders perform a number of vital functions, and automating them with CNC just makes sense.

The need for highly accurate grinding in precision machine shops is crucial for general tool making. Two types of CNC grinders are the heart of this operation, OD/ID grinders and surface grinders. The flexible and adaptable CNC grinders are the "unnamed workhorse" of any shop.

CNC OD/ID grinders for medium-sized and larger shops provide a wealth of benefits that can amplify production capabilities. Aside from the evident ability to grind straight diameters, slots, and virtually any type of contour, complex grinding is also possible. Today's surface CNC grinders also allow for many time saving processes like plunge grinding.

Gosiger carries these shop workhorses. Our expertise and superb products combine to create the ideal automated solution for our business. Contact us today to begin.