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Here’s an Easy Way to Sharpen Your Metal Cutting Skills

Whether you have a newbie in your shop or just want to hone your own or your employees’ metal cutting skills, Sandvik Coromant has just what you need: A free, e-learning course that covers both the basics and latest metal cutting techniques.

The course is based on the company’s 360-page Metal Cutting Technology Handbook that’s been broken down into 75 short courses you can take online. The great thing about e-learning is that you can select which subjects you want to study, in any order you wish, and at a time and place of your choosing. All you need is a computer with Internet access.

The course content covers nine topics, and is available in English and seven other languages.

  1. Machinability: Work piece and cutting tool materials
  2. Turning
  3. Parting & Grooving
  4. Threading
  5. Milling
  6. Drilling
  7. Boring
  8. Tool holding
  9. Machining economy & maintenance

If you complete all of the chapters, you can take an online certification exam for bragging rights as a Certified Metal Cutter.

Gosiger partners with suppliers like Sandvik Coromant to bring education and real world experience to the metal working industries. Contact Gosiger for applications assistance and the latest in manufacturing technologies – from CNC machines and robotic automation to 3-D Printing.