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Hardinge Supports Pharmaceutical Market with Capsule Collets

December 17, 2012

Hardinge, a global designer and manufacturer of machine tools and advanced workholding products, has been producing capsule collets for the world’s leading capsule manufacturers for the past 50 years. These partnerships have resulted in state-of-the-art collets for the production of capsule

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Hardinge Multi-Spindle Rotary Indexers on Display at IMTS 2012

September 6, 2012

Enabling manufacturers to position and machine up to 4 parts at a time, Hardinge 5C multi-spindle rotary indexers improve small part productivity. These single and dual axis indexers machine each part with the same tool before moving on to the next process, thus producing more parts per hour and

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Bridgeport GX 250 5AX Product Release

August 31, 2012

Hardinge is pleased to announce the release of the Bridgeport GX 250 5AX Vertical Machining Center. This rigid, C-frame machine features a compact footprint, fully integrated 5-Axis rotary table and user-friendly Fanuc 31i control with 10.4” LCD. The machine is ideally suited for the demanding

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4 New Hardinge Turning Centers now Available from Gosiger Increase Throughput

August 17, 2012

Four new CNC turning centers from Hardinge provide reduced cycle times and increased throughput in a single setup, plus quality construction and reliable performance. These small-frame machines are designed for small to medium sized workpieces and offer expanded functionalities to successfully

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Hard Turning: The Ideal Machine for the Job

August 16, 2012

When considering hard turning, the question is not “Can it be done?” because many machine tools can hard turn. Instead the question is, “How well can it be done?” Success in hard turning is largely a measure of the machine construction and design along with the workholding and tool holding. The

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Faster, Smarter, Hardinge Vertical Machining Center Now Includes Okuma THINC Control

February 21, 2012

Intelligent Control Systems 4Dayton, Ohio – Gosiger, Inc., a leading machine tool distributor and factory automation provider, announces that it can now supply the Hardinge VMC GX 1000 vertical machining center (VMC) from Hardinge equipped with the Okuma THINC

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Intelligent Control Systems Boost Hardinge VMC Productivity

January 10, 2012

“Work smarter, not just harder” has been a manufacturing mantra for a number of years. Usually this directive is aimed at production managers and machine operators. However the concept recently took on a new meaning when Gosiger, along with fellow Okuma dealers Hartwig and Morris, convinced Okuma

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Hardinge CNC Grinder Options

June 10, 2011

When you need a Hardinge CNC grinder solution, Gosiger is your trusted partner. CNC grinder options from Hardinge are as diverse as they are reliable and precise. With the right CNC grinder solution from Hardinge, you can reduce lead times on all projects, order just-in-time fabrication, and

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Vertical Machining Centers form Gosiger

June 2, 2011

At Gosiger, we're committed to providing the best in a variety of CNC machines and products. Each product and brand we supply lives up to our high standards of performance, value, and reliability. The reason we require the products we provide to be of the highest quality is because we know our

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The Hardinge Series of Vertical Machining Centers

May 24, 2011

Since its founding in 1922, Gosiger has aligned with the most innovative CNC manufacturers in the world. Included in this short list of brands, representing the finest names in CNC machining is Hardinge. Hardinge manufacturers an impressive line of vertical machining centers. Here are the

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