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Gosiger News

Faster, Smarter, Hardinge Vertical Machining Center Now Includes Okuma THINC Control

Intelligent Control Systems 4Dayton, Ohio – Gosiger, Inc., a leading machine tool distributor and factory automation provider, announces that it can now supply the Hardinge VMC GX 1000 vertical machining center (VMC) from Hardinge equipped with the Okuma THINC control system. The result is a value-priced VMC with enhanced capabilities and, for Okuma CNC users, the additional convenience of a common control system.

Adding THINC increases the VMC GX 1000 maximum feed speed to 1417 ipm (36 m/min) from 392 ipm (10 m/min) and makes acceleration and deceleration faster and more precise. Additionally, THINC enables the VMC to increase throughput by reducing processing time from control to tool to a mere 3-5 milliseconds, increases power to allow machining of harder alloys to 60 Rockwell, simplifies part programming with on-board capabilities, and increases program storage to 2 GB.

Adding THINC includes installing high torque brushless servomotors and amplifiers to enable maximum responsiveness with dynamic braking. The overload-protected motors are fully enclosed to operate efficiently even in severe environments and never require brush replacement, making them virtually maintenance-free.

The retrofit also includes Okuma absolute position encoders that generate 1,296,000 pulses per single ball screw revolution with 10 millionths resolution. These encoders eliminate re-zeroing and restarting, and because they are mounted directly on the motor, they also eliminate coupling backlash.

A unique Hi-G control function calculates motor speed and torque for both acceleration and deceleration to assure precise positioning, and reduces positioning time by allowing the fastest movement within the part program, rather than setting a fixed servo parameter. Similarly, the Hi-Cut function permits the highest possible feed rates throughout a part program while adjusting feed rates as needed to assure shape conformance.

To learn about these and other enhancements made possible by the addition of the THINC system to the Hardinge VMC GX 1000 read the white paper or contact your local Gosiger representative.