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See How 1 Call Center Speeds up Technical Service

Dayton, OH – When a CNC machine shop customer needs parts, technical service, or simply a question answered, they want it handled right now. None of us have much patience when a machine is down or when we need information to keep production moving. That’s why over the past few years Dayton, Ohio based CNC machine tool distributor and automation integrator Gosiger, Inc. has refined its ability to respond to customer phone calls by using Internet Protocol (IP) technology and a new customer response model.

Under this centralized system, callers use a toll free number (866-385-2798) Monday – Friday anytime between 8:00 am – 7:30 pm EST to talk directly to knowledgeable Gosiger customer service representatives who log in from each of the company’s 12 locations. After hours and on holidays, the calls are transferred to an answering service for response the next working day or, in the case of an emergency, Gosiger technical specialists are on call to respond as soon as possible.

According to Gosiger Technical Specialist and Call Center participant Rick Stewart:

“Previously customers would call directly to one of Gosiger’s offices. If the lines were busy or if the local technicians were servicing a customer at the time, the caller would leave a message and wait for the return call. The new system reads the caller’s area code and if an individual from that area is logged in and available, it automatically transfers the call to that person. If not, it sends the call to the next available person logged in to the Call Center. That representative immediately answers the call and assists the customer. These members of Gosiger’s technical team can often answer customer questions on the spot, email additional information such as parts lists, schedule a service call or connect the customer to the Parts Department to place an order.”

As a result, Gosiger customers are never “on hold” for long periods, but rather get fast, reliable technical answers, quicker field service and receive parts faster. Additionally, the system tracks all calls and provides reports that enable Gosiger to staff appropriately for busier periods of time. Calls are also recorded for quality assurance.

About the Call Center Roger O’Connor, Gosiger VP-GM Product Support, says:

“We recognize that our customers need and have the right to expect exceptional technical service and customer support in addition to industry-leading machine tools, automation integration and applications expertise. This Call Center, along with our experienced technical service team, preventative maintenance programs, $10,000,000 parts inventory and 24/7 parts and service availability are all focused on helping Gosiger customers be more productive and profitable.”