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7 Reasons to Consider a Multifunction CNC Machine

7 Reasons To Consider A Multifunction CNC MachineStudies show that human beings are not particularly good and multitasking, despite our belief that we can successfully do more than one thing at a time. That’s why talking and texting while driving leads to so many bad outcomes.

CNC machine tools, on the other hand, are quite capable of performing multiple machining tasks without losing track of where they are, sacrificing part quality, or requiring human intervention. That’s why investing in a multifunctional machining center is a wise choice for many manufacturing facilities.

Multifunctional machining centers typically incorporate turning, milling, drilling, grooving, threading, facing, and tapping operations in one machine. Equipped with a subspindle and automatic tool changer, it can often perform all of these operations with a single setup. Adding robotic loading and unloading enables unattended and possible lights out operation.

Other reasons to consider multifunction machining centers include:

  1. Complete machining of complex parts in one place with little or no operator interface.
  2. Lower cost-per-part thanks to fewer setups and reduced labor expense.
  3. Fewer setups and stacking errors mean improved part quality.
  4. One machining center replaces multiple machine tools, enabling better use of resources and reduced capital investment.
  5. Better use of floor space with fewer machines required.
  6. Increased throughput as parts are not moved from one machine to another or require additional setups.
  7. Reduced WIP inventory because parts can be completed in one setup.

For all of these reasons a multifunction machining center can provide exceptional ROI. However, as with all CNC machine investments, the product you choose must have the rigidity, power and precision to meet your specific requirements. It’s also important that the machine’s control is capable of handling complex routines and is easy to program. With 90 years of machine tool experience, the applications specialists of Gosiger can help you find the multifunctional machining center that meets your needs precisely.