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Gosiger, Swiss-Style

Swiss-Style Lathes Deliver Small in a Big Way

May 26, 2011

Whether you are producing machine screws, copper fittings, or rivets and fasteners you need high precision with minimal operator assistance. A swiss-style lathe is required to achieve this when machining high-volume components. A Swiss-style lathe or Swiss screw machine is vital to meet the volume and quality expected in today’s small fabrication markets.

Screw machining requires some of the tightest tolerances and highest volumes, of most machining practices. Improving on cam driven technology, a CNC Swiss-style lathe can perform even the most complex machining with short set-up time. This provides a very cost effective option when high quality is a chief concern for your shop.

Why choose to purchase your Swiss-style lathe through Gosiger? First, we understand the machine tool industry and since 1922 we have been helping companies all over the world realize their full production potential. And, Gosiger is the only authorized dealer of Nomura swiss-style lathes in North America.

Gosiger also has the resources, service and spare parts inventory to support manufacturers, both large and small. With millions of dollars in spare parts inventory and a long line of success stories, Gosiger is the manufacturing partner of choice for future-minded machining shops everywhere.

Contact us today for all aspects of your manufacturing process, and see how our skills can improve your production rate. Discover why we are your best solution for your business.