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See Unique Quick Changeover Automated Cell In Okuma’s IMTS 2016 Booth

IMTS 2016 will be filled with the latest advances in manufacturing technology. A particularly interesting example is an automated cell on display in the Okuma booth (S8500). The cell is a joint effort by Partners in THINC members Okuma, Gosiger Automation, Kitagawa, Fanuc and Schunk.

The idea to develop a cell that would be a real-world example of how to completely automate changeovers for a family of parts and also for a number of significantly different parts, came about when Kitagawa workholding introduced a new chuck system using a spindle nose-mounted receiver that mechanically couples with a face plate capable of holding 3-jaws.

In the cell, an Okuma Multus multitasking, CNC turning center performs a number of operations on a series of parts requiring three different 3-jaw chuck face plates. A FANUC M-20iA industrial robot loads part blanks, unloads the finished parts and exchanges the chuck face plates as required.

The FANUC robot is equipped with an automatic Schunk end-of-arm-tool changer that allows it to access any one of three sets of unique end-of-arm-tools for part handling. Using the same tool changer, another set of end-of-arm-tools enables the robot to handle and change the three different chuck plates needed to accommodate the various parts 

A GOCell Modular Drawer Cell, developed by Gosiger Automation, stores blanks and finished parts in three separate drawers while a fourth drawer holds the three chuck face plates, all of which are automatically accessed by the robot, using the various end-of-arm-tools.

Based upon the production schedule, the robot attaches the appropriate chuck face plate and proceeds to load blanks until the production run is complete. Once the final part is unloaded, the robot changes its gripper, installs the chuck face plate for the next part run, as directed by the automation system, and begins loading the blanks.

The cell is one example of how Gosiger Automation works with other industry leaders to enable customers to improve their manufacturing efficiency, productivity and profits. Contact Gosiger Automation to learn more. And be sure to visit Gosiger High Volume in IMTS 2016 booth # S9266.

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