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Gosiger News

Low-Cost Robotic Solution for CNC Automation

For CNC machine shops considering their first move into robotic automation and for many typical part-making applications, Gosiger Automation developed the Modular Drawer Cell (MDC). This compact, lower-cost alternative to custom systems automates up to 2 mid-size CNC lathes, grinders and machining centers to increase efficiencies by up to 50%.

Here’s how it works: A Fanuc, Kuka or ABB industrial robot picks raw parts that are queued in a heavy duty, large capacity drawer system, loads them into the machine tool for processing and then returns the finished parts to the drawer unit. The robot can handle parts weighing up to 20 lbs. and each drawer holds payloads of up to 400 lbs.

Modular Drawer Cells are turnkey systems delivered tooled and programmed for as many parts as you choose. Or, if you’re an experienced robot user, they’re ready for you to program in your own facility.

The standard design reduces engineering and lead times for faster delivery and lower cost. Plus, because these are modular units, Gosiger Automation can install, train and complete system start up in one week.

The Modular Drawer Cell is one of several new products in the Automation GoCells series from Gosiger Automation. With 90+ years of machine tool experience behind it, Gosiger Automation designs and builds robotic automation solutions from simple cells to highly complex, high volume, complete production systems.