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Vacuum Parts Washer Provides Safe, Effective, Solvent-Based Cleaning

ifpDayton, OH – High-volume machining and automation specialist, Gosiger, Inc. now offers a parts washing system that thoroughly cleans parts machined in oil using programmable spraying, immersion, submerged jets, ultrasonic and vapor cleaning methods that can be applied either statically, or in conjunction with oscillation or rotation.

The iFP Kleen Power vacuum parts washers clean baskets of parts in a sealed chamber using hydrocarbons or modified alcohol-based solvents that are internally recycled through a distillation process, so the environment is protected and users save money by recapturing and reusing the cleaning solutions.

Because the system is programmable, users can determine the most efficient methods for the kinds of parts they are cleaning. For example, parts requiring a light amount of cleaning may have a shorter cleaning cycle time requiring fewer steps. Conversely, complex parts such as those with ID threads, blind holes and cross holes may require a combination of agitation, ultrasound and spraying to get the part thoroughly clean and to satisfy customer requirements. The system is also capable of applying a rust-inhibiting agent when the parts are completely clean.

Once a user establishes the optimum cleaning regimen for a specific part, a program number is assigned and entered in the system’s controller. The program is then stored for future use so when a batch of corresponding parts are ready for cleaning the operator simply enters the program number and starts the machine. Operators can save programming time by starting with the parameters of an existing program, making modifications for a different part and storing the new program.

In addition to the savings realized by recapturing and reusing cleaning solvents, users eliminate the need to dispose of spent solvents or aqueous cleaning solutions containing the oil and other contaminants. Other savings include the labor involved in sorting parts that are not adequately cleaned during less thorough processes, and the ability to clean batches of parts or run the system’s distillation process overnight.

For more information about iFP Kleen Power systems contact Gosiger, Inc. or visit www.gosiger.com.

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