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Gosiger News

Meeting the High Volume Part Family Machining Challenge

BTB TransferBTB Transfer, Bovezzo Italy, demonstrates how high output / quick changeover metal cast machining solutions can go hand in hand without sacrificing a manufacturer’s future flexibility. Transfer machining solutions are known for fast cycle times, small footprints, high accuracy and reduced labor costs. On the downside, a transfer solution can also mean a loss of flexibility and long changeovers, especially when a solution needs to address the many part numbers contained in a single or multiple family of parts. BTB’s new M10 transfer machine takes aim with a serious solution. The platform delivers 5 axis (3 axis machining + 2 axis clamping) horizontal and vertical machining capability at 5 of the machines’ 6 stations. Additionally, each horizontal and vertical station utilizes a 6 tool, tool changer for a total of 60 available tools.  The machine is a viable alternative to multiple, stand-alone machining centers for the mid- high volume manufacturer. BTB Transfer is sold and serviced exclusively in North America by Gosiger High Volume, Dayton OH.

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