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Gosiger Named Exclusive Distributor for Shimada Cam-Free Multi-Spindle Lathes

ShimadaDAYTON OH – CNC machine tool distributor and factory automation specialist Gosiger, Inc. announces that its High Volume Division is now the exclusive distributor of Shimada 6- and 8-spindle lathes in North America. In this role Gosiger will provide application engineering, technical service, parts and customer support.

The Shimada cam-free lathes are available in 16 mm, 27 mm and 32 mm bar size capacities and provide a more affordable alternative for CNC machining that does not require multi-spindle lathes capable of completing very complex parts.

These lathes incorporate two, 2-axis NC slides in the 4th and 5th position plus automatic compensation to provide precise, single point OD, ID and facing capability. Shimada includes the same system in its 6- and 8-spindle chuckers. The 6-spindle chucker has 60 mm collet capacity and 5” chuck capacity. The 8-spindle version has 32 mm collet and 4” chuck capacities. Both include single or double part cycling, simultaneous, alternating front and back machining and spindle stop capabilities.

Also available are 2-spindle chuckers in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” chuck sizes that allow simultaneous machining and part loading and unloading. Adding an integrated robot for this purpose enables users to easily accommodate increases in production volume.

Shimada is Japan’s leading supplier of multi-spindle lathes with over 60 years of lathe building experience. Gosiger, Inc. has served the metalworking manufacturing industry for more than 90 years.

For more information contact Gosiger, Inc.

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