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Cleaner Parts & a Cleaner Environment with Gosiger Vacuum Parts Cleaning Solutions

August 7, 2012

green earthMany CNC machining companies are acutely aware of the complexity of cleaning parts to various industry standards, adhering to increasingly tighter environmental requirements, and the need to reduce labor and material costs associated with part cleaning. However there is still a good deal of confusion regarding the various cleaning methods and equipment options.

Chief issues are the degree of cleanliness required of a part, which differs depending on finish requirements and specific industry standards, and the right combination of cleaning solutions and methodologies to apply. For example, ISO 16232: “Road Vehicles – Cleanliness of components of fluid circuits” alone has 10 individual sections addressing parts cleaning requirements and cleaning methods.

The complexity of a given part is another concern. Simple turned pieces are easier to clean than those having multiple faces, blind holes, cross-holes, deep ID threads and other complex features. Moreover, if you machine a variety of parts for more than one industry, you could tie up a lot of labor, floor space and money trying to keep up with the various requirements.

"An all in one environmentally friendly device."

That’s why Gosiger High Volume sells and services the versatile iFP vacuum parts washers that allow you to select and combine spray, immersion, submerged jets, ultrasonic or vapors – with static, oscillating or rotating load. All in one environmentally friendly device. The KP series from iFP are single chamber, mono block, vacuum parts cleaners that use either hydrocarbons or modified alcohols, and meet stringent environmental requirements by internally recycling solvent through distillation.

To learn more about iFP vacuum parts washers contact Gosiger today.

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