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Nomura, Swiss-Style

Swiss-Style Lathes from Gosiger

May 18, 2011

The concept behind Nomura's Swiss-turning philosophy is simple, “A person watching a machine takes away from profit.” In most circumstances one operator can manage up to 5 Nomura Swiss-style lathes.

Many Swiss-style lathes perform most, if not all, machining on the Z axis as opposed to the traditional methods used in other CNC lathes. This methodology creates unique challenges and makes programming them far more elaborate when compared to conventional CNC lathes.  However, Nomura Swiss machines access the full range of axes and allow a comprehensive approach to machining even the most complex parts, complete.

Nomura Swiss-Style Lathes

  • NN-16SB6 series – Four options allow for specialized turning
    • Type 1 – Allows for turning only
    • Type 2 – Allows for turning and cross drilling
    • Type 2.5 – Allow for turning and has a back main spindle
    • Type 3 – Combines turning and cross-drilling with a back main spindle
  • NN-20CS series – Heavy cutting machine with high accuracy
  • NN-20UB8 series – C-axis control standard rapid feed of 36m/min.
  • NN-20J series – C-axis control standard and 10.4” liquid display
  • NN-32YB series – C-axis control and phase-synchronization

Nomura users experience the game-changing rigidity and micron-level precision that has become the Nomura trademark.  As the exclusive North American distributor of Nomura CNC Swiss-style lathes, we can assure you  that you are choosing unparallelled reliability and performance when you choose a Nomura.

Contact us today for more information on how a Nomura Swiss-style lathe can improve your machining processes and elevate your bottom line.