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Factory Automation Solutions

September 27, 2011

Kitchen Aid 1 Now that you've made an investment in CNC machine tools it's time to get the most out of your purchase. Factory automation transforms your CNC machines into fully automated turn-key solutions - starting with the systems' design and ending with a fully-finished, installed, and operational system.

At its core, the benefits of Gosiger’s factory automation solutions are three-fold:

  • Optimized Productivity
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Minimized Human Factors

Minimizing the human input helps limit the chances of human error that come with analog operation of CNC machine tool equipment.

Gosiger's automation group is made up of machine tool people - individuals that understand machine tools, the machining process, and our customers’ general perspective and needs. Our goal isn’t to simply provide you with a factory automation solution, but to turn your machine tools into one large tool geared toward your individual needs.

At Gosiger, we don't create cookie-cutter solutions for factory automation. We work with our clients on an individual level that allows us to produce unique and custom solutions depending on their needs.

To find out how Gosiger Automation can create a customized automation solution for your shop, contact us today. We work at our best when given a challenge and an opportunity to be creative.

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