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Nomura Swiss Style Lathes

At Gosiger, we're proud to say we are the exclusive distributor of Nomura CNC Swiss Style lathes and turning centers in North America. Nomura is known for its extreme precision, reliability, and innovation in the world of CNC machines.

Nomura Swiss Style lathes are available in six different models including:

NN-10 NN-16SB6

Each of these models carries with them their own strengths and benefits. From small, compact machines that are capable of small-diameter work to machines with 15 stationary tools and 9 live tools - Nomura has whatever Swiss Style lathe you need.

The Nomura NN-YB Swiss Style series, in particular, has a multitude of features that any shop could benefit from. This highly flexible machine has a sub-spindle that comes standard with up to 8 OD turning tools, 7 end-working stations, and up to 9 live spindles. Other options include a front and back eccentric drill unit and various combinations of turning and mill/drill units.

Every NN-YB machine (whether 25YB or 32YB) come with the following features:

  • Adjustable Mitsubishi M65S Control
  • 551 ipm rapid feed rate on X-Axis
  • 787 ipm rapid feet rate on Y/X2/Y2-Axis
  • 590 ipm rapid feed rate on Z/Z2-Axis
  • Cut-off tool breakage detector
  • Rotary Guide Bushing
  • C axis standard on main and sub spindle
  • Bar feeder interface
  • Main spindle overload detection
  • Parts catcher
  • 10,000 RPM main and back spindle
  • 6,000 RPM Live spindle feed
  • Optional live eccentric drill/mill spindles for main and back spindle
  • Hand scraped dovetail X & Y slideways for rigidity and better accuracy

With such a wide range of features it’s no wonder Nomura Swiss Style lathes are at the forefront of the machining industry.

For more information on Nomura Swiss Style lathes or any of the other CNC machines distributed by Gosiger, contact us today.