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Okuma, OSP (Okuma Sampling Path)

Okuma CNC Machines

October 4, 2011

Monozukuri: It’s a key, time-honored principal of Japanese manufacturing. At its core, monozukuri means "making things." On a deeper level, monozukuri is about continuing to improve something, to make it better while focusing on the product and not the producer.

It's this key principal that makes Okuma CNC Machines so special. The simple and profound philosophy of monozukuri continues to challenge the manufacturers at Okuma to keep producing great products year after year. As a distributor of Okuma CNC machines, we're proud to say that Okuma rises to that challenge every time.

Okuma CNC machines have a unique ability to increase a shop’s productivity and give it the muscle to tackle jobs that were once out of reach. These perfectly balanced CNC machines operate as a single entity and offer smartly designed controls that keep the motor, drives, and encoder working perfectly in-sync.

Here's another great example of how monozukuri has affected Okuma CNC machines. When the need for simplified service in a robust control arose, Okuma developed its Okuma Sampling Path (OSP). This OSP technology led to the development of modern-day THINC technology which seamlessly integrates with PC technology to allow for the machines growth alongside PC capabilities. This, in turn, reduces the need of costly CNC machinery replacement by having the ability to simply upgrade your Okuma CNC machinery’s technology.

Okuma CNC machines are available in a wide range of machining tools such as...

To find out how Okuma CNC machinery and the practice of monozukuri can benefit your company, contact the professionals at Gosiger today.