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Why CNC Machine Workers Shouldn’t Fear Industry 4.0

As U.S. manufacturers continue to find ways to make parts better, faster and at less cost, there is always a concern that factory jobs will become extinct. More sophisticated CNC machine tools, robotic automation and alternative technologies such as 3D printing fuel this concern. However, all evidence points to the contrary.

According to a research study prepared for the Manufacturing Institute, an estimated 3.5 million manufacturing employees will be needed over the next decade, and 2 million of these jobs will go unfilled due to a lack of skilled applicants. The effect of technology- and data-driven Industry 4.0 is that these workers must be capable of programming and operating computerized, interconnected technologies, analyzing data and continuously searching for ways to improve the production process.

This is a great opportunity for manufacturing employees who can develop these abilities. Along with such skill sets, of course, is the necessity to work as part of a manufacturing team, being capable of sharing information and ideas, and working collaboratively. So, in addition to the aforementioned skills, what personality traits should you look for as you staff up?

  • Passion for the work. Great employees truly care about what they produce. They are excited to share their successes and find joy in each day’s challenges.
  • Well-rounded intelligence. Some employees are very smart about specific, work-related matters, but are so focused that they operate with tunnel vision. Intelligence is more than deep knowledge of one subject, rather it enables the employee to apply critical thinking to all aspects of their job.
  • Confidence and humility. No, they need not mutually exclusive. Confident workers are unafraid to take on challenges and to learn new technologies and techniques. However, over-confidence can lead to costly mistakes and resentment among other team members. A touch of modesty is a great balance to self-confidence.
  • Strong work ethic. The employee who is self-starting, dependable and responsible is on every manager’s wish list. An individual may have outstanding machining or programming skills, but one who needs constant supervision, fails to show up every day or is habitually late, is not an asset, and will impact the team’s morale.
  • Positive attitude. An upbeat employee comes to work charged up and ready to work. They are more likely to push through challenges, learn from mistakes and help pull the team together.

Finding great people is every bit as important as choosing the best equipment for your particular needs. For more than 95 years the Gosiger team has helped companies of all sizes improve their manufacturing processes, and provide training that enables their people to improve their skill sets. To learn more, contact your local Gosiger facility.