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What, Exactly is IIoT (or Industry 4.0) and What Does it Mean for You?

Additive manufacturing is touted as the next paradigm shift in manufacturing. The concept of building up material to make parts, versus thousands of years of subtracting or forming metal to manufacture these parts is, indeed, an event of seismic proportions.

Traditional metalworking, of course, isn’t going away anytime soon. Whether discretely or in combination with emerging technologies like additive, the goal is to continuously refine the manufacturing process to improve efficiencies.

Mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and control-based improvements continue to enhance productivity. However, there is a growing emphasis on harnessing the power of information by enabling CNC machines to share and use data from one another. This is the underlying concept of the Industrial Internet of Things, AKA Industry 4.0.

In a series of short videos machine tool builder, Okuma America, explains IIoT and what they believe it means to the metalworking industries.

After viewing these videos, contact Gosiger to discuss how your shop can use IIoT and the latest CNC technologies to be more productive, competitive and profitable.