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The Inside Story on In-Machine Probes

CNC machine probes are much more versatile than some shops realize. Are you taking full advantage of in-machine probe technology?

At one time probes were primarily used for post-process part inspection. Today you can use them throughout the machining process to not only set up jobs, but also inspect parts inside the CNC machine and gather data to detect worn, broken or missing tools. Software programs use these data to enable the machine tool to automatically make tooling adjustments on the fly, or send trouble alerts to the machine operator.

Enabling automatic tooling corrections within the CNC machine eliminates or reduces the time an operator must spend addressing these problems, keeps the machining process running without interruption and can even eliminate costly turret crashes. Part inspection probes can also perform final quality control checks inside the machine tool once it completes its cycle, again saving labor costs and production time, not to mention scrap and rework.

According to Renishaw plc, maker of a variety of probes and probing software, in-machine probes are used by manufacturers in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Part identification
  • Intelligent program selection
  • Determining part presence
  • Tool identification
  • Machine capability
  • Clearance checking
  • Cutting path optimization
  • Adaptive machining
  • Cutter parameter update
  • Dynamic re-machining
  • Thermal correction
  • Tool condition monitoring
  • Process reporting

Renishaw and Gosiger Automation are both Partners in THINC, a collaboration of leading manufacturing industry suppliers, founded by Okuma, that work together to solve customer problems. If you have a challenging manufacturing issue, or would like to learn more about in-machine probing, contact Gosiger today.