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New Turn-Cut Program for HMCs Eliminates the Need for Secondary Machines & Accessories

New Turn-Cut Program For HMCs Eliminates The Need For Secondary Machines & Accessories

Thanks to a new programming option called Turn-Cut, users of Okuma Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC) can now avoid buying expensive special purpose machines, tooling, fixtures and other add-ons to perform turning operations on large, unbalanced parts. With it you can create bores and diameters including circular and angular features. The system is especially useful for working on valves and manifold-type parts.

You can view Turn-Cut video demonstrations by clicking on the following You Tube links:

Demonstration on a cut-away part, various features

On an MA-400VA horizontal machining center

On an MA-600HB horizontal machining center – face milling, ID turning

Dry-cutting demo on an oil patch valve

Valve body (before/after) demonstration

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