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Gosiger News

New Hybrid Multi-Spindle CNC Machine More Flexible & Affordable

 ISM B27 Hybrid CNC multi-spindle bar machineManufacturers need no longer choose between CAM actuated automatic and CNC multi-spindle machines. U.S. machine tool distributor and factory automation specialist, Gosiger, Inc. has partnered with industry-leading Japanese multi-spindle machine builder Shimada to create the new, ISM B27 hybrid CNC multi-spindle bar machine.

Gosiger and Shimada designed the new machine to fill the gap between basic CAM actuated and the pricier CNC multi-spindle machines, by providing a product for those manufacturers who don’t require all of the sophistication of the full CNC machines, but want many of the same advantages at a more affordable price.

The new machine has 6 integrated spindle motors that allow independent control of RPM by program. Capabilities include spindle stopping, C-axis positioning, and constant surface footage. The initial hydraulic slides allow for simple roughing operations while the CNC slides provide smooth and accurate single point finishing.  The machine is equipped with the Fanuc 30i control and servo motor package for reliability and performance. Numerous attachments are available to further extend the B27’s capabilities.

To learn more about the new ISM B27 Hybrid CNC multi-spindle bar machine, contact Gosiger High Volume.