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Gosiger News

Make Automotive Or Aerospace Parts? Don’t Overlook 3-D Printing.

A new video from Stratasys, a global supplier of 3-D printing systems, presents new additive manufacturing technologies that enable production of much larger parts used in automotive, aerospace and other applications.

In the video, representatives from Boeing, Ford and Siemens explain how these new, large-scale 3-D printing systems enable them to reduce costs, accelerate production and improve part quality.

The takeaways for CNC manufacturing companies that serve these markets are: (1) it’s proof that major customers embrace additive manufacturing in their own facilities and, therefore, may well expect suppliers to do likewise and (2) the future of manufacturing belongs to those who not only seek to refine and improve their processes, but who are also willing to explore new technologies and ways of making parts.

If you’re interested in learning more about additive and other advanced manufacturing technologies, contact your local Gosiger office today.