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Lights Out Manufacturing: Free White Paper Tells What You Should Know

Lights Out Manufacturing: Free White Paper Tells What You Should KnowPicture a factory at night, pumping out perfect parts with no one around. No labor costs, lower energy expenses and a customer order ready for shipping the next morning. Is it a dream or reality? Well, with today’s advanced manufacturing and communications technologies, lights out manufacturing can be a reality for everything from the smallest CNC machine shop to the largest factories.

The benefits are obvious, including reduced labor costs, greater daytime machine tool availability and flexibility, more efficient use of machine operators’ time, and reduced energy costs. There are, of course, a number of critical issues to consider before deciding that your operation is a good candidate to implement lights out manufacturing. That’s why Gosiger has published a free white paper on lights out manufacturing.

This white paper discusses the requirements for machine tools, chip and coolant management systems, material loading and unloading, and the role of robotics.  It also addresses the need for planned preventative maintenance and the advantages of remote monitoring. Additionally, it includes video examples of successful lights out manufacturing operations.

So why not download the free white paper right now? And if you still have questions about lights out manufacturing, contact the Gosiger team. They bring over 90 years of machine tool and factory automation experience to helping customers find the best solutions for any manufacturing challenge. Visit www.gosiger.com to learn more.

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