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How ISO Certification Means Greater Value From Your Next Okuma Machine Tool

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, establishes criteria that companies must meet to be certified as producing safe, reliable high quality products.

As the first machine tool builder to be ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certified, Okuma America meets the organization’s standards for delivering exceptional quality products and services, while reducing operating costs through improved systems and processes. All of which means greater value for purchasers of Okuma machine tools.

Okuma ISO team leader and Quality Assurance Compliance Manager, Michael Lail explains the process the company followed to earn certification:

“This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.” Below is the process the Okuma team followed to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  1. Training – The team learned about the new standards, set up a transition team and internal auditors, and made sure everyone was up to speed.
  2. Gap Analysis – Determined the beginning status compared to the required ending status. This meant identifying things that needed to be added or updated and taking steps to fill the gaps.
  3. Documentation – Once changes were made to address the gaps, the team updated documentation accordingly.
  4. Internal Audits – Sent internal auditors to check and confirm that the company was correctly following all of the procedures.
  5. External Audits – An external auditor committee (Preferred Registrar Group, Inc.) visited Okuma’s facilities and verified certification status.

Machine tools are significant investments for any manufacturing company. That’s why Gosiger represents only the highest value builders, like ISO certified Okuma America. To learn more contact your nearest Gosiger location.