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Gosiger Presents Custom APPs in IMTS 2014

june-apps-imts-blogMost of us have become addicted to various APPS on our personal computers and mobile devices. They make life easier and richer by enabling us to perform a wide variety of activities at our desks and on the go. APPS also serve us well on the factory floor and when away from our shops so we can monitor activities and improve productivity.

At IMTS 2014 Gosiger will demonstrate some of the custom APPS it has created for users of Okuma machine tools in the Okuma booth (S-8500). The Gosiger Aftermarket Support Department is an industry-leading developer of Windows®-based Apps using the Okuma THiNC API (Application Program Interface).

Many of these APPs are available off-the-shelf or can be modified for various applications. On the other hand, if you require an APP for a specific purpose, Gosiger will custom design and install it for you.

APPs can be created to monitor and report on various machine tool activities, provide interfaces for peripherals like bar feeders, chip conveyors and high-pressure systems. They can also be designed to control robotic-based automation systems and other sophisticated operations.

Among the many APPs developed by Gosiger are:

Custom Popup User Alarms

Although Okuma provides the ability to generate user alarms in the NC program, the alarm text is limited to 16 characters that may not provide enough information. For example, if the alarm indicates a condition that doesn’t happen very often, the operator may be puzzled and not know how to react. Popup Alarms allow the programmer to create an additional Windows®-generated alarm on the screen.

Lathe Double Tool Life

Enables the customer to have 2 cutting tools on each turret tool station. The program keeps track of the life of the first tool and when it expires calls up the offsets for the spare tool that automatically replaces the worn tool.

Steady Rest With Integrated Operator User Interface

Allows the operator to control and monitor the steady rest and provides program setup without switching screens.

RFID Tool identification

Tool information is written to RFID chips in the tool at the pre-setter, and then read at the machine. All the data is automatically entered into the OSP control, virtually eliminating setup time and data entry mistakes.

Parts Catcher Inhibit

Allows the parts catcher to be used under controlled conditions that would normally be impossible with the standard machine specs.

Is there an APP that could help your Okuma machines be more efficient and your company more profitable? If you have such a need, chances are the developers at Gosiger can create an APP to meet it.

To learn more ontact Gosiger Aftermarket Support Department. P: (937) 228-5174.

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