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Free White Paper Explains The Benefits of Automation

You can download two, free white papers prepared by Gosiger Automation by visiting our resources page, www.gosiger.com/resources

The papers discuss, in detail, why all CNC manufacturers from small CNC shops to large-scale operations may benefit from automating various machining functions. Key points covered include: the importance of understanding every step in the manufacturing process, having the right machine tools and peripherals, and the role robots may play in automating such tasks as workpiece loading and unloading, material handling and inspection. There is also a sample cost justification example in one of the papers.

Although many smaller shops may not consider robotic-based automation appropriate for their situations, if you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, automation will likely improve your productivity:

  1. Do you have machines dedicated to specific parts or parts families (groups of The_benefits_of_automation_from_Gosiger,Inc.parts with common shapes, sizes, weights, operations or machines)?
  2. Are your processes fundamentally stable?
  3. Are your machines’ throughput operator-constrained? In other words: >Does labor have a hard time keeping pace with the machine? Does quality control and other tasks cost you machine cycles? Do you have difficult, heavy or highly repetitive part loading?
  4. Do you have quality issues associated with improper or inconsistent part loading or missed operations?
  5. Is employee turnover or attendance an issue due to repetitive motion injuries, absenteeism or ergonomic issue-related lost time?

Answered “yes” to any of the above? Then download the free white papers to see if your shop can benefit from robotic-based automation. For more information contact Gosiger Automation.

Gosiger Automation specializes in machine tool load/unload, material handling, palletizing, automated inspection, and material removal applications. As a division of a company with over 90 years of machine tool experience, and with hundreds of successful installations, Gosiger Automation brings considerable experience and expertise to manufacturers of all sizes.

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