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Free White Paper Explains Advantages of Solvent-Based Vacuum Parts Washers

PartsWashing_AfterPartsWashing_BeforeWorkpieces often leave a machine tool covered with metal dust, dirt, chip remnants and machine oils. Whether these are parts for your own products or components to be shipped to a customer, they typically need thorough cleaning. Doing so manually means increased labor costs, machine downtime and the cost of cleaning agents, as well as their proper disposal, whether solvent- or aqueous-based.

However, many of the options for parts washing equipment aren’t versatile enough to handle a variety of cleaning challenges. For example, high-volume parts with simple geometry may be effectively cleaned using a basic aqueous solution bath or rinse. However more complex parts, including those with blind holes, cross-holes and ID threads, may require a more sophisticated cleaning process.

By downloading a free white paper from Gosiger High Volume, you can learn about the options available for automatic parts washing including the use of agitation, ultrasound and spraying techniques, and how to save labor and chemical costs while protecting the environment.

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