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Free Cutting Tool APPs From Sandvik Coromant

sept-apps-blogA dozen APPs are ready to download from cutting tool maker Sandvik Coromant for smart phones and tablets. Here are a few examples:

CoroKey enables you to select the best insert grade and geometry for a job by simply entering the workpiece material and type of operation you’ll be performing. The APP works for both inch and metric measurements.

Start Values gives you recommended speed, feed rate and depth of cut data when you scan the insert box barcode. Or you can search for the product order code for various materials solutions. You can send these cutting data recommendations directly to any of the Sandvik Coromant turning, milling or drilling calculator APPs.

Machining Calculator enables engineers and machinists to calculate optimal cut settings based on job parameters for turning, milling and drilling operations. The APP also advises how changes in tooling use can affect machining results.

Drilling & Tapping Calculator helps determine best cut settings based on the process parameters, provides hole size calculations for tapping and ISO tolerances for bores and shafts. Works with both metric and inch measurements.

To obtain any or all of the free Sandvik Coromant cutting tool APPs, visit www.sandvik.coromant.com and click on the “Download” menu button. And for expert advice on all CNC machining matters, contact Gosiger or visit www.gosiger.com.

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