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Gosiger News

Coolest (-321º F) Cutting Demo at Gosigerfest 2017

This year’s Gosigerfest – September 20 & 21, 2017 – includes a number of live machining demonstrations captured by video cameras inside the machine tools and displayed on adjacent TV monitors, so you can see all of the details, up close.

Literally the coolest – and downright coldest – demo involves a cryogenic process for machining difficult materials in record time. The system from 5ME integrated with an Okuma 5-axis machining center makes processing time up to 5 times faster when cutting titanium, carbon fiber and other hard-to-machine materials.

The cryogenic process uses vacuum jacketed feed lines to deliver liquid nitrogen to the cutting tool, which reduces its temperature to -321º F. This cold cutting approach allows for increased processing speeds, reduced tool wear, and excellent product quality – while lowering overall manufacturing costs.

Check out a video of the cryogenic process now, and see the real thing in real time by making your reservation for Gosigerfest 2017 online, or via email to connie.laplante@gosiger.com.