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7 Reasons Why Your Next Hire Could Be a Military Veteran

US Veteran

We all know the problem: Manufacturing, especially CNC machining, requires a different set of skills and talents than in the past, and it’s become a challenge to find capable employees. Good, experienced machinists have jobs or can easily find a new one if necessary. That means that the available pool of candidates will most likely need some training before they become productive.

For CNC shops running increasingly more complex equipment, the need is for people who not only have the ability to learn machine operations quickly but who are also capable of thinking beyond the task at hand to help move the company forward. That’s why manufacturers who seek new talent for their organizations should actively recruit returning military members.

These veterans typically have precisely the characteristics manufacturers are looking for, including:

  1. Strong Work Ethics. Most veterans didn’t volunteer for military duty because they were looking for an easy workday. In many cases they worked long hours under difficult conditions to perform challenging tasks. Plus, there was no question that they would show up on time.
  2. Transferable Skills. No matter what role they played in the military, these individuals had to be good at problem solving, communicating and taking responsibility. All of which will sere them well in the world of manufacturing.
  3. Team Players. In the military you must rely on your brothers and sisters in arms to successfully complete a mission. Therefore you learn to respect and get along with a wide variety of people in the interests of getting the job done.
  4. Leadership. Teams need leaders and veterans are trained to lead by example and with respect for the abilities of others. This can make them excellent mentors and motivators.
  5. Quick Learners. Of necessity, military people must learn new concepts, techniques and equipment quickly, so they can be ready to respond when needed. This means you’ll likely spend less time getting a former military new hire up to speed.
  6. Policies & Procedures. Veterans understand that following established rules and ways of doing things enable an organization to operate efficiently. They also understand that there are acceptable ways to suggest to management improvements in these processes and policies.
  7. Grace Under Pressure. Military personnel often work in high-stress situations and have learned to deal with extraordinary pressures. Thus meeting tight deadlines is nothing new.

Unsure about how to find and hire returning veterans for your company? Syracuse University has partnered with GE, Boeing and others to create a toolkit for employers interested in hiring military veterans. Visit www.toolkit.vets.syr.edu for a wealth of information.