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Software Solution Integrates Inspection into Automated CNC Cell

CNCCELLDayton OH – According to machine tool distributor and factory automation specialist, Gosiger Inc., new software and machine control technologies enable manufacturers to integrate dimensional part inspection within a robotically automated CNC machining cell.

In a recent installation Gosiger included a Renishaw Equator gauge that is built to operate on the shop floor, using touch probe and analog scanning technology with reference to a master part, to enable high-production inspection.

To maximize productivity, Gosiger recommends coupling the Equator gauging system with a CAPPS software package from Applied Automation Technologies, Inc. The software provides a number of user benefits including:

  • Enables the user to measure any part on a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and use the data to create a master that is traceable to the certified CMM.
  • Verifying the machine tool accuracy and enabling corrections to be made over time if the machine changes.
  • Can be used for fixture setup and best fitting the fixture before machining.
  • The Dataview module allows the Equator gauge to send data directly to the CNC machine control to automatically adjust tool offsets for complex features.
  • Provides automatic 5-Axis probe indexing based on features to be measured.

Adding inspection and managing the data in this way makes an automated CNC machining cell even more efficient. To learn more, contact Gosiger Automation.

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