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7 Fast Facts About 5-Axis Machining

5 axesInvesting in a 5-axis CNC machine can open doors to greater productivity, reduced capital investment, lower operator-cost-per-part and the opportunity to accept work from customer previously unavailable to you. How is this possible? Because simultaneous 5-axis machining provides all of these benefits:

  1. Versatility: Simultaneous 5-axis machines engage all 5 axes (3 linear and 2 rotary) at the same time to machine turbine blades, impellers and other complex parts. Although it’s true that only about 5% of parts can only be efficiently produced on 5-axis machines, over 60% of parts are machined on 5 or more sides. Using a 5-axis machine for all of these parts saves considerable time and money.
  2. Less operator time: True 5-axis CNC machines can often completely machine a part in one cycle with little or new operator intervention. However, when attempting to make complex parts on 3-axis machines, operators typically move the part from one machine to another, and that adds considerable programming and setup time, thus increasing cost-per-part.
  3. Fewer fixtures and tools: Machining with all five axes in one operation can eliminate many tombstone, special, top tooling and rotating tooling fixtures. Additionally, 5-axis machining requires fewer special tools and tool extensions, and increases tool life. All of which adds up to considerable cost savings.
  4. Greater Flexibility: As your requirements change, a versatile 5-axis CNC machining center enables you to quickly set up and make new parts, so spindles spend more time machining parts and less time standing idle. This capability also makes you better able to service Just In Time (JIT) customers.
  5. Floor space and capital investment savings: It’s not uncommon that manufacturers replace 3 or 4 machine tools with one 5-axis machining center. This frees up floor space that can be put to better use and eliminates the needs to buy and maintain multiple machines.
  6. Reduced inventory costs: 5-axis machines produce finished or near finished parts in a single cycle and in a shorter time, so you can reduce the amount of inventory dollars tied up in partially machined parts necessary to meet customer delivery demands.
  7. Expert assistance: Gosiger applications experts can help you determine if investing in a simultaneous 5-axis machine makes sense for your business. Plus, Gosiger technical service and customer support will insure that your investment pays you dividends for many years to come. Contact Gosiger today to learn more.
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