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Factory Automation: Robots & More

roboticAutomationRobotic-based CNC machine tool automation is proven to reduce operator time and cost-per-part. It also enables unattended and lights-out operation, eliminates human error and improves spindle utilization. All of which greatly enhances productivity. For more on this topic, download the free white paper The Case For Robotic-Based Automation.

However, while robotic-based factory automation helps optimize the productivity of your CNC machine tools, there may well be other bottlenecks in your manufacturing process. That’s why it’s important to consider all aspects of your operation from raw materials to shipping the finished product.

Among the issues that can have a significant impact on productivity is how materials and finished parts move through the system, especially in high volume situations. One solution is a system of multi-level storage towers for pallets that can hold blanks, parts requiring further operations and finished parts ready for shipment.

These modular systems use high speed, rail-guided vehicles to deliver parts to machining areas where robots load and unload the parts from the CNC machines. Stacking cranes of various types access the pallets and move them where needed, quickly and efficiently. Plus, because these multi-level systems stack pallets as high as necessary, they use minimal floor space. The entire system is controlled by software that manages all functions in concert with the overall automation control system.

Additionally, these palletized systems can store and automatically deliver tools to the CNC machines as needed, whether to replace worn tools or to exchange tools during changeovers.

The modular pallet systems that Gosiger works with can be configured to virtually any manufacturing system. Thus Gosiger Automation specialists can combine robotics, pallet and conveyor systems, part inspection and other peripherals to improve the productivity of your entire process. Contact Gosiger to learn more.

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