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7 Reasons to Rethink Parts Washing


  1. Improve Productivity. There’s more to maximizing manufacturing efficiency than installing the latest-and-greatest machine tools. It also involves looking at the entire process and making sure that each step is as streamlined as possible. This includes assuring that the cleanliness of a part meets the customer’s expectations.
  2. One solution won’t clean all parts. If some parts you produce have simple geometry while others are more complex with blind holes, cross-holes and ID threads, for example, you may need different cleaning methods for each. Simple parts can be cleaned with water-based solutions while more complex parts may need solvent-based cleaners.
  3. You may need more than chemicals. Some parts require mechanical cleaning methods along with the proper solutions. These can include high-pressure sprays, agitating the chemical bath, or rotating the basket within a cleaning chamber.
  4. Ultrasound can help. In some cases cleaning is aided by ultra-high sound frequencies that produce thousands of tiny bubbles that implode when they strike the surface of a part. The energy released gently removes contaminants from the part.
  5. Best performed in a vacuum. Vacuuming air out of the cleaning chamber serves 2 purposes: (1) It protects the parts from airborne contaminants, and (2) it removes air pockets from the complex part features to allow the solvents to clean more effectively.
  6. How safe is solvent cleaning? It’s no secret that solvents are harmful to workers and the environment. That’s why they are strictly regulated in many states. To clean safely and effectively with solvent-based chemicals requires a special kind of cleaning apparatus.
  7. Versatility is the key. The ideal parts washer operates in a sealed chamber using hydrocarbons or modified alcohol-based solutions that are internally recycled through a distillation process, and combines spraying, immersion, submerged jets, ultrasonic and vapor cleaning options applied either statically or with oscillation or rotation added.

To learn more about how the right approach to parts washing can help improve your productivity contact Gosiger today.

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