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How Safe is Your Workplace?

While we all want our employees to be safe in the workplace, the fact is there were close to 3 million reports of nonfatal injuries reported to OSHA last year. Over 900,000 cases involved days away from work. FEMA reports that in 2011 there were 85,400 non-residential fires in the U.S. that caused 80 deaths and 1,100 injuries. The dollar loss from these fires amounted to $2,435,700,000.

Clearly, no matter how hard we try to make our workplaces safe, bad things can happen, and it’s important that our people be prepared. That’s why Gosiger holds regularly scheduled safety information sessions, and why we’re posting this presentation on Workplace Safety. The presentation is entitled “What To Do Before First Responders Arrive.” It is used with permission of Brad Monnin of the Dayton, Ohio Fire Department.

The presentation provides insights from professional firefighters and EMTs that can help you develop your own workplace safety program, including:

  • Explanation of types of fires
  • Proper fire extinguisher usage
  • Whether to fight to flee a afire
  • Responding to medical emergencies, falls, chemical spills and industrial injuries

We encourage all customers, partners and colleagues to review this document because we know that you, like Gosiger, want everyone we work with to be as safe and secure as possible every working day.