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7 Steps Towards an Educated Workforce

describe the imageIn the world of CNC machining we tend to think of employee training as beginning and ending with “how to” lessons relating to specific machining functions. In fact, companies should be thinking in broader terms and promoting continuous education. Here are 7 suggestions to help you shape an employee education program that works for your business:

  1. Of course new hires need to understand the functions of the machine tools and other equipment for which they are responsible, and the details of setup, programming and so on. However they also need to understand the bigger picture of how what they do relates to the entire manufacturing process so they can always look for ways to make the process more efficient. That’s where innovations come from that lead to greater productivity and cost-savings.
  2. Every employee should be educated about the mission and vision for the company and their role in it. This enables them to see their importance to the company’s overall strategies and objectives, and helps them feel part of a team reaching for the same goal, not simply an isolated worker with no greater connection to the organization than a paycheck.
  3. Promote continuing formal education. Is there a technical school or community college where employees can take courses that broaden their capabilities? With the advances in CNC controls and applications, some machine operators may benefit from a class in computer programming or advanced math. Consider fully or partially reimbursing tuition costs for successfully completed courses that can benefit your operation.
  4. Allow your employees to attend supplier open houses, trade shows and seminars where they can learn about new technologies and applications.
  5. Ask suppliers to hold periodic workshops on tool wear, hard turning, preventative maintenance and other topics that can keep employees up to date.
  6. Encourage employees to subscribe to leading manufacturing publications, visit online blogs and Web sites to stay current with technology advancements.
  7. Take advantage of educational opportunities offered by your equipment suppliers. For example, Gosiger provides in-depth training on customer installations and applications assistance to teach your operators how to get the most out of your machine tools.

Technology moves at an astonishing rate these days and if we don’t keep up we’re liable to be left behind. That’s why we all must be lifelong learners. Gosiger can be your partner in educating your staff on how to apply new manufacturing technologies that can enable your CNC machine shop be more productive, competitive and profitable.