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Gosiger News

New, Affordable, Programmable Peripherals Interface Saves Okuma CNC Users Time & Money

describe the imageDayton, OH – Machine Tool Distributor and Automation Systems Integrator Gosiger, Inc. has developed a new product to enable Okuma CNC machine users to seamlessly integrate a variety of peripheral devices such as bar feeders, high-pressure coolant systems, hydraulically activated fixtures and steady rests through one interface to the machine’s OSP 200 and above control.

Unlike simple M code interfaces that only allow “on” and “off” functions, the new product, dubbed Universal I/O, enables users to program multiple functions for each connected device. For example, an OEM hydraulic interface only performs a basic clamp and unclamp procedure of a simple hydraulic fixture. However, with Universal I/O users have the flexibility to control multiple functions in a customized sequence. In the same way users can program a high-pressure system with variable pressure capability to apply the designated amount of coolant exactly when and where needed throughout the machining process, or control a hydraulically actuated tow along steady rest to reposition itself at various stages in the cutting cycle.

Universal I/O is so affordably priced, Gosiger engineers estimate that, depending on the number of peripheral devices added to an Okuma CNC machine, it could save users 80% to 90% of the cost of dedicated interfaces. In addition, users will eliminate the considerable time required to install, learn, and operate multiple systems. Plus, Universal I/O users have the flexibility to program each device to suit their specific requirements, rather than being restricted by the limitations of each individual interface.

Once installed by factory trained technicians, Universal I/O is easy to program for virtually any peripheral device thanks to an operator-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) based on standard Windows® conventions. Universal I/O is available for any Okuma new or existing CNC machine that uses the OSP 200 or above control.

For additional information contact: Gosiger, Inc. P: 877-288-1538