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See How this Robot Uses IRVision to “See” & Load Automated CNC Machining Center

describe the imageThis video shows how a Fanuc M-20iA six-axis industrial robot equipped with an IRVision system locates, picks up and loads parts into an Okuma Multus B-300 CNC machining center.

Gosiger Automation designed and installed the automated work cell that combines the robot, machining center and a fixtureless conveyor system. Here’s how it works: The incoming conveyor holds steel slugs for machining. At the end of a machining cycle the robot arm removes the finished part and places it on the outgoing conveyor. As the Okuma lathe machines a part, the Fanuc robot uses its IRVision system to locate and pick up the next raw blank from the inbound parts conveyor for processing. The lathe's end of cycle signal queues the robot to open the machine door, load a part blank in the lathe's sub-spindle, unload the finished part from the main spindle, close the machine door and initiate a machine cycle start command. For optimum efficiency the finished part is deposited on the outbound conveyor by the robot as the machine tool produces a new part, and the next raw blank is picked up and staged.

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