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Gosiger Automation, Case Study

Gosiger Automation & Morris South Partner to Improve Customer Productivity

June 7, 2013

describe the imageDayton, OH – Okuma machine tool distributor Morris South works with customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia to help improve manufacturing performance and solve production problems. When the best customer solution involves robotic-based automation, they turn to the Automation Division of fellow Okuma dealer Gosiger, Inc. (Dayton, OH).

“What I like best about working with Gosiger Automation,” explains Morris South’s Ed Eickmeyer, “is that they always have a number of ideas and alternative approaches so that the customer has various options to consider. This is important because it enables the customer to think beyond the immediate problem and consider the bigger picture. That way we can deliver a solution that has the greatest long-term benefit. Gosiger also brings a high degree of professionalism to the project from design through installation and training.”

The two companies have worked together on robotic automation projects for over 7 years, and according to Eickmeyer:

“We’ve had some very interesting projects, including some that involved both new and existing equipment. In one case the challenge was to automate a process that involved 4 Okuma machining centers, specialty machines, threading machines and more. Gosiger Automation had to interface with the customer, Morris South and a number of other suppliers to pull it all together. It took a lot of back-and-forth, the development of a number of possible approaches, and intense coordination of all the players to solve the customer’s problem.”

“In many cases the customer knows the end result they want to achieve, but have no idea of how to get there. Gosiger Automation is very good about helping the customer define the problem and come up with a workable solution. For example, a company that builds off-road equipment wanted to automate the unloading of a grinding machine. If the grinding wheel stops at the wrong point in the cycle it can become severely damaged. The challenge was to unload parts within a 3-second parts run without stopping the process. Once all of the facts were in hand, Morris and Gosiger came up with a solution the customer never expected.”

“Of course, the goal of any of these collaborations is to improve the customer’s productivity. We had a customer whose machine operator was manually loading 25-pound gear blanks into a large machine, which was time-consuming and difficult for the employee. Gosiger Automation came up with three possible solutions. The option the customer selected reduced the part production time by 60%.”

“Morris South and Gosiger Automation make a good team by both being dedicated to helping the customer improve their manufacturing process.”

For more information contact Gosiger Automation or Morris South.

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