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Gosiger News

Custom APPs Provide Greater Productivity for Okuma CNC Machine Users

blogvideoDayton, OH — CNC machine distributor and factory automation integrator Gosiger, Inc. develops custom APPs for Okuma OSP controls that enable machine users to manage manufacturing processes more efficiently and accurately. These APPs are specifically designed for each customer’s application and seamlessly integrated into the Okuma OSP control system.

Gosiger programmers have recently developed custom APPs for these purposes:

  • Lathe High Pressure Coolant Interface — controls the high pressure coolant delivery system from the Okuma OSP control allowing usage of standard machine coolant and auto control, while enabling manual override via the touch screen.
  • Steady Rest With Integrated Operator User Interface — allows the operator to control and monitor the steady rest and provides program setup without switching screens.
  • Lathe Double Tool Life — enables the customer to have 2 cutting tools on each turret tool station. The program keeps track of the life of the first tool and when it expires calls up the offsets for the spare tool which automatically replaces the worn tool.

Other Gosiger-developed APPs enable custom pallet changing options, an integrated user interface for 4 programmable steady rests, a program selection interface that allows a CNC machine to control the robotic automation system, and various pop-up user alarms.

Gosiger’s Aftermarket Support Department is a leader in developing Windows-based Apps using the Okuma THiNC API (Application Program Interface). Contact Gosiger for more information.