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Case Study

MMS Automation Case Study From Gosiger

April 3, 2013

Gosiger Automation systemsFinding skilled workers to bring on board has become a challenge for many manufacturers. This was the case at Hy-Tech Machine. Adding to that problem was the fact that the skilled employees it already had were spending their time handling material, loading and unloading parts, and completing other tasks that were not the best use of their talents. By automating some lower-skill-level procedures, Hy-Tech was able to improve throughput and use its employees to their fullest potential.

“What we’ve really done is eliminate a lot of dead time for our people so they can accomplish more, plus we have greater consistency and better quality parts,” Mr. Ober says. “We’re now in the process of expanding the number of SKUs from the original 11 parts to 40, and looking forward to a second multifunction turn-mill installation.”

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