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5 Ways CNC Machine Shops Can Make Every Day “Earth Day”

EarthDayThe world celebrates Earth Day this month and the collective consciousness of over 175 countries will, once again, focus on sustaining our environment. Savvy manufacturers have long realized that increasing the efficiency of our operations and protecting the planet can go hand-in-hand. It’s a fact that reducing material waste and providing a clean, safe work environment is not only good for the environment, it’s good business. Here are a few examples:

  1. CNC machine controls, like the Okuma OSP systems, not only enable quicker and easier setups and changeovers, they also provide programming and simulation capabilities that help reduce scrap. On many Okuma CNC machines designed-in functions such as Crash Avoidance System, Thermal-Friendly Concept and Machining Navi all contribute to making better quality parts more efficiently with less material waste and greater energy savings.
  2. High-efficiency filtering chip conveyors remove chips and fines from coolant and return the cleaned fluid to the machine sump, thus extending coolant life, and reducing the cost to dispose of spent coolant.
  3. iFP Kleen Power vacuum parts washers clean baskets of parts in a sealed chamber using hydrocarbons or modified alcohol-based solvents that are internally recycled through a distillation process, so the environment is protected and users save money by recapturing and reusing the cleaning solutions.
  4. Robotic automation systems provide consistent part handling and eliminate human error to improve product quality and thus reduce material costs.
  5. Oil mist collectors, some with HEPA filters, capture harmful airborne contaminants to improve air quality, provide a safer workplace and meet OSHA and NIOSH standards. Because they return clean air to the factory rather than exhausting it outside, they also reduce the energy required to heat or cool the facility.

If you’d like to know more about how to reduce your operating costs while protecting the environment and being a good steward of the Earth’s resources, contact the experts at Gosiger today.