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Top 7 Things to Look for in a CNC Machine Tool

cnc machine checklistFor more than 90 years Gosiger sales engineers and applications specialists have worked with hundreds of machine tool customers to help them select the best equipment for their manufacturing operations. During this process they share what they believe are the most important characteristics to have in a CNC machine for their specific applications. However, regardless of the customer’s unique requirements, here are the top 7 fundamentals that these CNC shop owners and production managers in companies of all kinds and sizes want in a new machine tool.

  1. Above all, the machine must be reliable. This means performing consistently over time and operating with only routine maintenance. A machine tool that doesn’t deliver repeatable results, that often breaks down or needs excessive servicing is a drain on productivity.
  2. Cutting accuracy is also essential. Therefore every component of the machine must be designed and built with excellent structural stability and from carefully selected materials.
  3. Ease of operation. The less time an operator spends setting up, completing changeovers and monitoring machining operations, the less cost-per-part. That’s why it’s not only important that a machine is capable of performing certain operations, but that it can do so with minimal operator involvement.
  4. CNC controls must be capable of handling complex applications, be compatible with leading CAM/CAD software and yet easy to program and operate. Expert training and troubleshooting help must also be readily available.
  5. Replacement parts must be available and easy to obtain. Every minute a CNC machine sits idle means lost production time and potential missed deliveries.
  6. Timely, reliable service and support is equally important to keep production on schedule and to protect profits.
  7. Ease of maintenance. The best machine tools are designed to make routine maintenance as painless as possible. Look for easy access to critical components and clearly defined maintenance procedures. And consider preventative maintenance plans that keep your equipment up and running without your even having to think about it.

There are many more considerations, of course, including selecting a CNC machine that performs current applications well yet is versatile enough to take on new challenges in the future. The Gosiger team has experience with a wide variety of machine tools and accessories. They can help you find the perfect fit for your enterprise.

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