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7 Ways a Preventative Maintenance Program Saves You Money

February 12, 2013

Preventative MaintenaceAny device that has a number of moving parts needs service from time to time, and the more we use the device, the more often it needs attention. CNC machines are no exception. In fact, considering the conditions under which they operate, it’s not surprising that even the best designed and built machine tools require regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns.

None of this is news, of course, and most shops do their best to maintain their equipment. However, with the pressure to keep production rolling and reduce labor costs, machine maintenance often gets delayed until it’s too late. Then you’re faced with a breakdown that can cost you dearly in lost production time.

That's why CNC machine shops need a well planned and executed Preventative Maintenance Program. Such a program can reduce costs in at least 7 ways:

  1. Regular maintenance means fewer breakdowns so lost production time is minimized.
  2. Operator costs are less because your workers are not spending time fixing machine problems, waiting for parts and repairs, or putting in overtime to catch up.
  3. Properly maintained CNC machines have longer, more productive lives, so you spend less money on capital equipment over time.
  4. Often when machines break down they create secondary part failures that increase the cost of repair. Preventative maintenance reduces the likelihood of this happening.
  5. Equipment that is properly maintained performs at peak efficiency, which means greater productivity and ROI. However operating CNC machines that need service can lead to scrap, rework, product rejects, missed deliveries and unhappy customers.
  6. Regular maintenance typically eliminates large-scale, costly repairs.
  7. Preventative maintenance records can reveal machines that are being routinely misused or abused, so you can take corrective action with the machine operators.

Clearly a regular program of preventative maintenance, performed by experienced, knowledgeable professionals, can greatly benefit any manufacturing concern. That’s why Gosiger offers a comprehensive preventative maintenance program tailored to each customer’s specific needs. With over 90 years of machine tool experience, no one is better equipped to provide the service you need. Contact Gosiger today for more information.

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