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Automated Oil Coupling Cell Reduces Footprint, Increases Productivity

Automated Oil CellA manufacturer of API and premium couplings used for deep oil drilling wanted to significantly reduce its cost-per-part, utilize less floor space and address operator safety concerns. Gosiger Automation worked closely with other Okuma Partners in THINC to develop an automated cell occupying only a 35’ by 20’ area. The system eliminated most of the manual labor previously required, thus greatly reducing operator time. An integrated robot handles the loading and unloading chores, eliminating heavy lifting and keeping workers out of harms way.

The cell consists of an Okuma LOC 500 lathe, two 2SP-V60R vertical lathes and a Fanuc R-R0000iB-165F robot, all controlled by the Okuma THINC-OSP system. The highly precise LOC 500 is a compact lathe that quickly executes tight threading functions by combining variable speed threading and harmonic spindle control to provide an exact match between infeed patterns and cutting increments.

The twin spindle, 4-axis, 2SP-V60R vertical lathes employ an extremely rigid vertical, box-shaped column that allows deep cuts at high RPM, and the uniquely designed slideways insure precise cutting. A single control operating the two independent spindles and the availability of live tooling on both sides provide exceptional flexibility.

Gosiger Automation specializes in machine tool load/unload, material handling, palletizing, automated inspection, and material removal applications. As part of a company with over 90 years of machine tool experience, and with hundreds of successful installations, Gosiger Automation brings unmatched experience and expertise to manufacturers of all sizes.

Could your manufacturing operation benefit from automating one or more of your processes? Call Gosiger Automation for all the facts. Or download the FREE white paper: “The Case For Robotic Automation” from www.gosiger.com. To learn more about Partners in THINC, go to www.okuma.com.

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