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Gosiger News

Automated Modular Pallet System Reduces Idle Spindle Time, Optimizes Throughput

Dayton, OH – According to Okuma machine tool distributor and automation specialist, Gosiger, Inc., getting maximum productivity from CNC machining requires a careful analysis of how work flows through the entire manufacturing operation. In many cases CNC machine shops will benefit from Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) such as the Okuma Automated Modular Pallet System (AMPS).

Typical stand-alone machining centers run only about 1/3 of the time due to long waits for setup, programming or workpiece loading and unloading. Okuma AMPS optimize throughput by managing production schedules, level loading machining centers and enabling one operator to manage the production line.

Okuma offers two versions of these Flexible Manufacturing Systems: AMPS C includes all of the equipment necessary for automating pallet storage and handling in a compact and safe containerized package, and is designed to work with select Okuma CNC machining centers, The system is expandable to meet future requirements, and can be configured with up to 2 containers, 2 Okuma CNC machining centers and 2 load stations in any combination. It provides 2-level storage to minimize floor space and maximize storage capacity. Each system is pre-assembled and factory tested prior to shipment to minimize installation and start-up time

AMPS M is a standard flexible manufacturing system for one or more Okuma machining centers. It includes a high-speed stacker crane, 2 or 3 levels of pallet storage and easy-to-use load stations and controller. The system’s modular design allows greater layout flexibility, requires zero setup time and is ideal for unattended operation

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