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Is Poor Chip Management Hurting Your Productivity?

November 29, 2012

productivityNo matter how efficient your CNC machine may be, if your chip conveyor is constantly backing up or breaking down, you have a serious bottleneck that slows down your manufacturing process and, therefore, inhibits your productivity. That’s why it’s vitally important that you have the right chip removal system for the kinds of machining you perform and the nature of the machine tool, itself. 

For example, multi-function CNC machines that combine operations such as milling, drilling, turning and grinding create a variety of chip types, each with their own shape, weight and size characteristics. Turning may produce stringy chips, while milling creates a combination of large to very tiny chips, depending on the operation.

If the part undergoes both turning and milling, the combination can cause problems for conventional hinge belt conveyors. The tiny chips tend to remain suspended in the quickly flowing coolant and end up washing into the coolant sump, which can cause extra maintenance and possible damage. In this case the answer may be to install a filtering chip conveyor that removes the larger chips via a hinge belt, but uses self-cleaning filters to remove the tiny chips from the coolant, then returns the fluid to the sump.

During unattended or “lights out” operations, reliable chip conveying is even more important. For this reason the conveyor’s discharge must be high enough to dispose of chips throughout the process to avoid backup of chips that can create problems within the CNC machine. 

This is just one example of how having the right chip conveyor can have a positive impact on your manufacturing productivity. The Gosiger applications specialists have the experience and expertise to necessary make sure that you have the best chip removal system for your unique CNC machining requirements.

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